What About Mobile Pet Grooming And Spa Therapy Services?

What about Mobile Pet Grooing and Spa Therapy Services?

Avery’s Mobile pet grooming Salon provides the collection of spa in which skin treatments and spa services are included. The scientist of Avery’s pet styling salon had made products with the help of combined plant elements using natural science to create therapies which are beneficial for cat and dogs. Avery’s provide only innovative, natural body and bath products. Three kind of spa packages are available namely ultimate spa, renew spa and comfort spa. In first one fresh bath and facial scrub is provided with cleanser. Second one deals with renew bath and fresh facial scrub with UV protector while last package includes comfort bath and aromatherapy including nourish vitamin conditioner. Three additional services are also provided in the form of Aromatherapy (using natural essential oils), hot fresh facial scrub to remove tear stains and Paw bubble bath treatment for renewing cracked and weathered paws.

Are there some special programs also available?

In addition to spa therapy, Avery’s pet styling salon also provides some special programs to meet the unique needs of the customers and their fur pets. They also provide services for local pet friendly hotels and leisure venues, rescue shelters and pet friendly employees. The programs are enlisted below:

• Preferred Client Program: If any of the pet parents wants to get their fur kids groomed year around, then no cost preferred client program is best for him. This program rewards the pet and pet parent with VIP benefits like priority scheduling, discounts on spa therapy packages, fixed pricing for every visit of mobile groomer, ‘set it and forget’ calendar and transferrable rewards which could be gifted to any friend or relative.

• Philly Neighborly Love Spa: If any of the two neighbors schedule an appointment on the same day they could enjoy the rewards and the special perks by this program. This is one of the easiest ways to get rewards and discounts for spa therapies.

• Employer Express Spa: If an individual wants to does some other work while his pet is getting spa from pet groomers mobile PA, then he should go for this package. As pet would be pampered with the essential spa and helps you in giving free time. This could also be said as a way to increase employee engagement.

• Philly Travel and Leisure Spa: Pet can enjoy refreshing deluxe spa under the package and meanwhile pet parent can keep a leisure schedule during his visit to Philadelphia, metro area.

• Happy Adoption Spa: Some non profitable agencies and rescue shelters take help of Avery’s salon to get pets adopted in less or no money

• Service Pet Spa: This package is made especially for K-9 police units, satellite or headquarters locations for services and therapy. Avery’s mobile pet groomers PA come to the location of the office and pampers the pets selflessly and also protect others from them.